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WYF Go For Block!! 06/10/1997 DVD
WYF Go For Block!! 06/10/1997 DVD
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WYF 06/17/1997 DVD
WYF 06/17/1997 DVD
Sale: $5.09
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Hawaii Polynesian Championship Wrestling 1985-1986 11 Disc DVD

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A fantastic set featuring the legendary names of Hawaii including appearances by the Hart brothers, Jerry Lawler, Bruiser Brody, and more. Even includes interviews by legendary announcer Sonny Ross. Hawaii 1986 (3)-(Muto, Inoki, Fujinami, Lawler, Brody, Sheik more)
Disc 1
Seiji Sakaguchi vs. Johnny Mantel
Keiji Muto vs. Jerry Gray – it’s a very young Great Muta
Lia Maivia interview – it’s the Rock’s grandmother
Tatsumi Fujinami & Kendo Kimura vs. Mr. Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki for the Tag Titles
Antonio Inoki vs. Hacksaw Higgins
A 6 Woman Tag Match
A video feature on "Crush" Brian Adams
Jerry "the King" Lawler vs. Uncle Elmer
Jumping Joe Solo vs. Robert Toronto
Keith & ? Hart vs. Tini Popo #1 & #2 – they keep saying the other Hart brother is Owen but it’s not as this brother is bigger, has dark hair and is slightly balding. Maybe it’s Smith Hart
Super Samoa Sachalia vs. Richie Magnett
Uncle Elmer vs. Hans Schroder
Disc 2
Jerry Lawler vs. Steve Rickard
Bad News Allen vs. Alexis Smirnoff in a Judo Jacket Match
Bruiser Brody vs. Grizzly Smith in a Body Slam Challenge – Maniac Mark Lewin, Kamalamala (Botswana Beast) and the Sheik and jump them. Lars Anderson comes out to make the save.
King Kong Bundy, Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin vs. Andre the Giant, Steve "the Kid" Collins & Angelo Mosca
Richie Magnett vs. Terry Brunk – Brunk is Sabu before the gimmick
A video package on the history of wrestling in Hawaii featuring interviews with Lord James Blears, Sam Steamboat, Ed & Russ Francis, Curtis Iaukea, Don Muraco and more
Kevin Sullivan, Mark Lewin & Fallen Angel promo – it’s Nancy Sullivan, young and hot in a bikini.
Mark Lewin & Kevin Sullivan vs. Bruiser Brody & Superfly Tui
Adrian Street vs. Mr. D
Steven Regal vs. Mighty Milo
Rocky Johnson promo
Michael Hayes vs. Kevin Von Erich
Disc 3
A local news feature on the All Japan Women’s tag tournament.
Bruiser Brody, Grizzly Smith, & the Sheik vs. Kevin Sullivan, Kamalamala & Mark Lewin in a Cage
Kevin Sullivan promo
Bruiser Brody promo
A TV news report on "Crush" getting arrested.
Lia Maivia interview
Haku promo
A $50,000 on the pole Battle Royal
Superfly Tui promo
Another feature on old Hawaiian wrestling. This is long and really good.

Barnett’s Best of Hawaii Wrestling Vol. 3 & 4 (Martel/Bockwinkle Cage; Kerry/Flair)
TV news spots on deaths of Peter Maivia and Tosh Togo
July 1982 TV from Dec 82 incl Siva Afi v Muraco (1979)
Rick Martel v Bockwinkel w Heenan in a cage (May 78-17 mins COMPLETE separated by promos)
Big Bad Mike/Ripper Collins v Star/Hisaki
April 81 Sheik v Billy White Wolf
Dec 79 Gene Kiniski v Jim Hady (16mm)
Nov 68 Dec 25, 68 Xmas Card from HIC Luke Graham/Ripper Collins v Pepper Gomez/La Negra Hady v Tanaka
Bockwinkel awarded HI title
Various 8 mm footage
Flair v Kerry in Hi
Int w Sullivan and Lewin
The Cobra vs. Louisiana Cowboy
Angelo Mosca promo
Battle Royal w/Andre, Samoans, Bad News, Snuka, Johnson, Tiger Chung Lee, Muraco and more
Brody v Buck Robley
Rocky Johnson/Dirty White Boys Inoki

Hawaii TV 5/11-5/25/1985

Hawaii TV 8/3-8/10/1985 (Flair vs. Afi; Bad News vs. Sakaguchi)
Feature on Ric Flair vs. Siva Afi
Bad News Allen promo
Bad News Allen vs. Strong Machine #1
Lars Anderson promo
Fantastics vs. Dirty White Boys
DWBs highlights
Kevin Sullivan promo
Kevin Sullivan squash
Gary Hart promo
Midget match
Superfly Tui promo
Mighty Milo vs. Louisiana Cowboy
Lars Anderson promo
Mighty Milo & Ricky Magin vs. Doug Hui & Roy Starr
Steve Collins vs. Superfly Tui
Samoan Connection vs. Last Rite Warrior & Kenny Popo
Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura vs. Gene Louis & Gary Fulton
Bad News Allen vs. Seiki Sakaguchi

Hawaii TV 8/17/85 + 7/86 & 9/86 (Bad News/Muraco; Lawler/Elmer; Fujinami; Muta)
Debbie Combs vs. Fallen Angel (Nancy Sullivan)
Lars Anderson promo
Richie Magnett vs. Chick Donovan
Samoan Connection vs. Vern & Joel Deaton
Bad News Allen vs. Don Muraco
Seiji Sakaguchi vs. Johnny Mantel
Keiji Muto vs. Jerry Gray – it’s a very young Great Muta
Tatsumi Fujinami & Kendo Kimura vs. Mr. Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki for the Tag Titles
Women’s match
Crush feature
Jerry Lawler vs. Uncle Elmer

Hawaii TV 6/26/86 (Flair vs. Samu)
Ric Flair vs. Samu for the NWA Title – Samu is Sam Anoai a.k.a Samoan #3
John Stevens vs. Kamalamala
Samu interview – he’s attacked by Kamalamala

WCCW & Poly Pro TV November & December 1985 – Disc 1
Chris Adams/Gino Hernandez vs. Kerry/Kevin von Erich
Interviews: Jerry Lawler, Rocky Johnson,
Chris Adams/Gino Hernandez vs. Kerry/Kevin von Erich
Rick Rude vs. Dave Petersen
Interviews, “The Living Miracle” Mike Von Erich,
Rick Rude vs. Tommy Montana,
John Tatum vs. Rick McCord,
Kevin von Erich vs. Michael PS Hayes
Lars Anderson int
Rick Rude vs. Iceman Parsons,
Kerry von Erich vs. Missing Link.

WCCW & Poly Pro TV November & December 1985 – Disc 2
Kevin Sullivan/Lars Anderson recap
Kevin Sullivan vs. Pedro Guerrero,
Ritchie Magnett vs. Tatsumi Fujinami
Tasumi Fujinami vs. Strong Machine I,
Superfly Tui/Sakailia vs. Louisiana Cowboy/Mr. Florida
Roy Starr vs jobber
Adrian Adonis/Dick Murdoch vs. Spike Huber/Brian Blair
Anonio Inoki vs. Hacksaw Higgins
Lars Anderson vs. Alexis Smirnoff
Bad News Allen int
Kevin Sullivan attacks Steve Collins,
Dirty White Boys vs. Rocky/Ricky Johnson
Johnsons int
Tonga Kid vs. Louisiana Cowboy
Rick Rude vs. Dave Petersen,
Lance Von Erich int
Kevin von Erich int./Chris Adams confro
Rick Rude vs. Bond,
John Tatum/Missy Hyatt int
Iceman Parsons/Brian Adias vs. Gino Hernandez/Chris Adams

WCCW & Poly Pro TV November & December 1985 – Disc 3
Kerry von Erich vs. Missing Link,
Rick Rude/Percy Pringle int
Von Erichs vs. Gino Hernandez/Chris Adams recap
John Tatum vs. Scott Casey
The Grappler Vs. Brian Adias
Kevin von Erich int./Chris confro,
WCCW video,
One Man Gang vs. Kerry von Erich
Iceman Parsons vs. Gino Hernandez
The Grappler int
John Tatum vs. Scott Casey,
Ric Flair (NWA Champion) vs. Kerry von Erich (Edited Version of 60-minute draw from Hawaii)

Polynesian/Pacific 85-86
The Sheik, Mark Lewin, Kamalamala & Kevin Sullivan vs Bruiser Brody, Superfly Tui, Lars Anderson & Grizzly Boone (Cage Match)
Bruiser Brody vs The Sheik
Angelo Mosca, Steve "The Kid" Collins & Andre the Giant vs Mark Lewin, Kevin Sullivan & King Kong Bundy
Jimmy Snuka vs Jerry Lawler
Bruiser Brody vs Buck Robley
Joel & Dave Deaton vs The Samoan Connection
Gypsy Joe vs Richie Magnum
The Cobra vs Superfly Tui
Matt Borne vs Seiji Sakaguchi
Rocky & Ricky Johnson vs The Dirty White Boys
Lars Anderson vs Roy Starr (Cage Match)

Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich 10-12-85

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