AGPW Grand Prix TV 1985 Misc DVD


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Cuban Assassin & Sweet Daddy Siki vs Ron Richie & Steve Casey
Cuban Assassin vs Cris Pepper
Cuban Assassin vs Sgt O'Connor
Killer Karl Krup vs TG Stone
Leo Burke & Stephen Petitipas vs Cuban Assassin & Hans Herman
Leo Bruke vs Tiger Williams
Man Moutain Mike & Great Malumba vs Rocky DellaSerra & Lenny Montana
No Class Bobby Bass vs Rick Patterson
Ron Ritchie & Ron Starr vs Cuban Assassin & Sweet Daddy Siki
Ron Starr vs Chris Pepper
Ron Starr vs Ryan O'Connor
Ron Starr vs Willie Trambley
Super Destroyer & Rocky DellaSerra vs Stephen Petitpas & Ron Ritchie
Super Destroyer vs TG Stone
Sweet Daddy Siki & Hans Herman vs Buddy Lane & Rick Patterson
Sweet Daddy Siki vs Ryan O'Connor
The Great Malumba vs Mike Fields
Super Destoyer vs Ryan O'Connor

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