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Young fans might not remember how many great shows aired on public access or local TV back in the day. One of the best was ICW Wrestling later known as IWCCW. It featured, much like ECW, stars either at the start or at the end of their careers. You had Nikolai Volkoff, Tony Atlas, and others that were the name value and young talent like Vik Steamboat that really had a spark. It is some intense wrestling that even has some nuggets for Ric Flair fans. Check it out. 9 Discs:
Disc 1
ICW 2/3/90
1. Steve Kern vs Brett Sawyer
2. Tom "Chip-N-Dale" Brandy (Sal Sincere/Johnny Gunn/2nd Patriot) vs Bob Linthom
3. Ivan & Scott Putski vs Tony Ullessys & Lumberjack Pierre
4. Dynamic Duo (Phil Apollo & Ewric Spbrasha) on the rumble seat
5. Kendall Windham Int.

ICW 2/10/90
1. Ray Odessey vs Tony Ullessys
2. Tom Brandy vs Brian Walsh
3. Undertakers video
4. Tommy Rich vs Invader #1
5. Pistol Pez Whatley vs Phil Apollo
6. Nikolli Volkoff & Russian Brute vs Mario Mancini & King Pin

ICW 2/17/90 (Paul E Dangerously co-hosts)
1. Tony Atlas & Duke on Rumble seat (debut)
2. Vic Steamboat & Phil Apollo/Wrestling school dropout/Paul E Dangerously & Lethal Weapons (Doug Gilbert & Dennis Condrey)/Tony Atlas Int's
3. King Kaluah vs Tom Brandy

ICW 2/24/90 (Paul E Dangerously co-hosts)
1. Austin Idol coming soon clip
2. Pink Assasin Video
3. Pink Assasin on Diamond District
4. HIgh of Tony Atlas (champ) vs Bob Orton Jr. (for title)
5. Tony Atlas Int.
6. Austin Idol Video
7. Vic Steammboat Int.
8. Lethal Weapons & Paul E Dangerously Int.
9. Diamond Dallas Page Int.
10. Dr. Tom Pritchard coming soon clip

Disc 02
ICW 3/3/90
1. Atushi Onita vs Chris Michaels
2. Phil Apollo, Chita Kid (Ted Petty) & Leopard Mask Int.
3. Austin Idol Video (coming soon)
4. Hawain Hurricane vs Cornbread Phillips
5. Roadblock vs Chris Michaels, Blaze & Mad Russians (4 on 1)
6. Tony Atlas/Identical Punishment/Tom Brandy & GQ Madison/Tom Pritchard/Vis Steamboat with Hawian Hurricane Int's
7. Phil Apollo on the Danger Zone (Leopard mask, Chita Kid & Lethal Weapons brawl)
8. Ray Odessey vs T.T. Krunchky

ICW 3/10/90
1. Atushi Onita vs Chris Michaels
2. Chita Kid & Phil Apollo Int.
3. Chita Kid vs Doug Gilbert
4. Tazmanian Devil (Taz) vs Sonny Blaze
5. Hawaiian Hurricane/Phil Apollo, Chita Kid & Leopard Mask Int.
6. Tony Atlas (champ) vs Roadblock (for title)
7. Tony Atlas Int.
8. Joe Cruel vs Cornbread Phillips
9. G.Q. Madison & Tom Brandy Int.
10. Vic Steamboat Int with Hawaiin Hurricane (he comes out & smashes a pineapple overs Vic's head)

Disc 03
ICW 3/17/90
1. Tony Atlas/Eric Spbasha Int.
2. Hawaiin Hurricane vs Vic Steamboat (Eric Sprbasha is Sp. Ref)
3. Phil Apollo, Chita Kid & Leopard Mask Int.
4. Lethal Weapons (champs) vs Chita Kid & Leopard Mask (for tag titles)
5. High of Ray Odessey vs T.T. Krunchky
6. Atushi Onita (Japan champ) vs Tony Atlas (ICW champ( title vs title)

ICW 3/24/90
1. Lethal Weapons (champs) Dynamic Duo (for tag titles)
2. Lethal Weapons (champs) vs Chita Kid & Leopard Mask (for tag titles)
3. Nikolli Volkoff & Ivan Patroski vs Bob Brown & John Balasquez
4. "Iron" Mike Sharpe vs Mario Mancini
5. Nino Asesino & Bonzai vs Laser tron & Bobby Bradley (Mexico)

ICW 3/31/90
1. Vic Steamboat Int.
2. Superboy & Superstar vs Carlos Vega & El Chickano (ICW Mexican Div) tag title tourn semi finals
3. Eddie & Mondo Guerrero vs Conquestidor & Crazy Joe (ICW tag titles tourn Mexican semi finals)

ICW 4/6/90
1. Vic Steamboat & "Heavenly" Frankie Angel vs Mad Russians
2. Dynamic Duo Int.
3. Dynamic Duo vs Carolina Crushers
4. Undertakers & Duke/Ebony & Ivory Int's

Disc 04
ICW 4/14/90
1. Equalizers (JOhnny Grunge, Mike Durham & ?)/Vic Steamboat & Frankie Angel Int.
2. Frankie Angle vs Chris Michaels
3. Wild Bunch/Super Duper Mario Int.
4. Wild Bunch vs Southern Gent & Destroyer (tag title tourn)
5. Tony Atlas Int.
6. Roadblock vs Brian Sworten
7. Roadblock Int.
8. Equalizers vs Joe Cruel & Mike Watz (tag title tourn)
9. Ebony & Ivory Int.
10. Undertakers vs Ebony & Ivory (tag titles tourn)
11. Dynamic Duo/Equalizers Int.

ICW 4/21/90
1. Wild Bunch vs Hawaiin Hurricane & Caribian Cyclone (tag title tourn 1/4 finals)
2. Equalizers Int.
3. Chris Michaels vs Destroyer
4. Ray Odessey/Vic Steamboat & Frank Angel Int.
5. Vic Steamboat vs Southern Gent
6. Undertakers & Duke/Super Duper Mario Int's
7. Super Duper Mario vs Brian Swortzen
8. "HEavenly" Frank Angel vs Brian Swortzen
9. Dynamic Duo vs Equalizers (tag titles tourn 1/4 finals)
10. Undertakers & Duke/Vic Steamboat & Frank Angel Int's

ICW 4/28/90
1. Dynamic Duo/Vic Steammboat & Frank Angel Int.
2. GQ Madison vs Destroyer
3. Undertakers & Duke Int.
4. Undertakers vs Vic Steamboat & Frank Angel (tag title tourn semi finals)
5. Ray Odessey/Shiek Abdule Int.
6. Sheik Abdul vs Jose Azario
7. Super Duper Mario Int.
8. Roadblock vs kingpin
9. Tony Atlas Int.
10. Dynamic Duo vs Hawaiin Hurricane & Carribian Cyclone
11. Dynamic Duo Int.

Disc 05
ICW 5/5/90
1. Roadblock vs Joe Cruel
2. Hoss vs Dennis Allen
3. Primetime Int.
4. Primetime vs Chris Michaels
5. Ray Odessey Int.
6. High of tag title tourn semi finals
7. Hawaiian Hurricane Int.
8. Hawaiin Hurricane vs Al Cornbread Phillips
9. Vic Steamboat Int.
10. Undertakers vs Dynamic Duo (tag tourn finals for tag titles)
11. Super Duper Mario Int.
12. Super Duper Mario vs Jose Basquez

ICW 5/12/90 this show has some vq flaws
1. El Magnifico vs Rocky Mandoza
2. Abdul Alfide Int.
3. Sheik Abdul Alfide vs Mad Russian #1
4. Tag title tourn update
5. Eddie & Mondo Guerrero vs Crazy Joe & Conquestidor (tag tiel tourn mex semi finals)
6. Wild Bunch Int.
7. Southern gent vs Gary Fitzpatrick

ICW 5/19/90
1. Vic Steamboat/Hawaiian Hurricane Int's
2. Vic Steamboat vs Hawaiian Hurricane
3. Mad Russian vs Jose Louis Rivera
4. Ebony & Ivory (al Phillips & GQ Madison) Int.
5. Ebony & Ivory vs Carolina Crushers
6. Ray Odessey Int.
7. Ray Odessey vs Brian Swortzen
8. Wild Bunch/Tony Atlas Int's
9. Tony Atlas (champ vs "Texas Terminator" Hoss (for title)
10. CHeif Thunder Mountain Int.

Disc 06
ICW 5/26/90
1. Cheif Thunder Mountain vs Crusher
2. Undertakers & Tony Rumble Int.
3. Henchman vs Jose Azero
4. Vic Steamboat/Tropical Terrors Int's
5. Hawaiin Hurricane vs Brian Swortzen
6. Eric Spbrasha Int.
7. Eric Spbrasha vs Dusty Wolfe
8. Tony Atlas Int.
9. Vic Steamboat vs Carolina Crusher
10. Ray Odessey/Equalizers Int's
11. Al "Cornbread" Phillips vs Zip (Capt match)

ICW 6/2/90
1. Tony Rumble & Undertakers/Vic Steamboat INt's
2. Texas Terrminator vs King Pin
3. Equalizers/Erc Spbrasha Int's
4. Eric Spbrasha vs Sycho
5. Punisher vs Jose Azero
6. "Cheif" Thunder Mountain/Ray Odessey Int's
7. Ray Odessey vs MAd Russian
8. Equalizers vs Ebny & Ivory
9. Vic Steamboat vs Henchman ( runble &other undertaker jump Vic & cut his hair)

Disc 7
ICW 6/9/90 (slight track line off & on)
1. Vic Steamboat vs Henchman
2. Vic Steamboat/Tropical Terrors Int's
3. Carribian Cyclone vs Jose Azario
4. Ray Odessey Int.
5. Ray Odessey vs Carolina Crusher #3
6. GQ Madison INt.
7. GQ Madison vs Brian Swortzen
8. Tony Atlas/Equalizers Int's
9. Equalizers vs Jose Aerio & "Irish" Tim Oreilly
10. Primo (Italian champ) vs Tony Atlas (ICW champ) for ICW title
11. High of Tony Atlas

ICW 6/16/90 (new studio set)
1. Bob Orton Jr. vs Leroy Reed
2. Equalizers/Eric Spbrasha Int's
3. Eric Spbrasha vs Mad Russian
4. JOse Louis Rivera vs King Pin
5. Tony Atlas Int.
6. Hawaiin Hurricane vs GQ Madison (capt match)
7. Undertakers, Tony Rumble & Crypy Keeper Int.
8.Wild Bunch vs Equalizers

ICW 6/30/90 (1st 1/2 of show only)
1. Wild Bunch vs Undertakers
2. Ray Odessey vs Mad Russian
3. Super Duper Mario vs Brian Swortzen
4. GQ Madison Int.
Rest of 6/30, 7/7 & &/14 got taped over

Disc 08
ICW 7/21/90
1. High of Undertakers vs Vic Steamboat & Eric Spbasha
2. Frankie Angel/Vic Steamboat & Eric Spbrasha Int.
3. Rochester Roadblock vs Southern Gent
4. Ray Odessey vs Psycho
5. Hoss "Texas Terminator" vs King Pin
6. Hawaiian Hurricane vs Brain Swortzen
7. Rob Ellis Int.
8. Tony Atlas (champ) vs Cheif Thundermountain (for title)

ICW 7/28/90
1. High of Tony Atlas (champ) vs Cheif Thundermountain (for title)
2. Undertakers (champs) vs GQ Madison & Gary Fitzpatrick (for tag titles)
3. Rob Ellis on ABC news
4. Rochester Roadblock vs Gary Fitzpatrick
5. Equalizers vs Wild Bunch
6. Frankie Angel vs King Pin
7. Tony Atlas Int.
8. Carribian Cyclone vs Jose Azario
9. Tony Atlas Int.
10. Undertakers vs Vic Steamboat
11. Vic Steamboat & Eric Spbrasha Int.

ICW 8/5/90 (from 4/16/90)
1. Undertakers, Tony Rumble & Duke Int.
2. Ebony & Ivory vs Brian Swortzen & Chris Michaels (tag title tourn)
3. Roadblock/Abdul Alfide Int.
4. Sheik Abdul Alfide vs Joe Cruel
5. Wild Bunch vs Dennis Allen & Dan Capone (tag title tourn)
6. Super Duper Mario Int.
7. Roadblock vs Southern Gent
8. Tont Atlas (champ) vs Roadblock (for title)
9. Roadblock Int.

Disc 09
ICW 9/8/90 (5th ann special)
1. Sheepherders vs John Ralahan & Mike Kaluha
2. Carlos Colon vs Masked Super Medic
3. Dory Funk Jr. vs Del sara
4. JD Slade & TArus Bulba vs Invader 2 & 3
5. Wild Samoans vs Rudy Diamond & Rocky Raldez
6. Ric Flair vs Pat Rose

AWA 9/10/90
1. Larry Cameron vs Jake Milliman
2. Buck Zumhoff/Johnny Stewart Int.
3. Buck Zumhoff vs Johnny Stewart (for lght hvy title)
4.Buck Zumhoff Int.

ICW 9/15/90 (5th ann special) counter on screen & bad feed/little lines
1. Rockers Int.
2. Rockers (Joe Savoldi & Al Perez) vs Sheepherders
3. Abdullah the Butcher & Johnathan Boyd Int.
4. Abdullah The Butcher vs Chris Marzino
5. King Tonga (Haku) vs Tony Carrington (Ullesseys/cyclone)
6. Sheepherders Int.
7. Eric Embry vs Rick Reed
8. Missing Link vs Scotty Williams
9. Carlos Colon (champ) vs Dory Funk Jr. (for universal title)

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