Pro Wrestling USA TV 1984 December - 2 Disc DVD


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A full month of PWUSA TV from December 1984 on two DVD discs. Very different feel in the later episodes than the first 3. Starting to see that the loaning promotions involved are very different.


- Championship: "Nature Boy' Ric Flair versus Mike Davis (Vern Gagne on commentary)
- Dusty Rhodes promo.
- "Superstar" Billy Graham versus Brett Hart
- "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel versus Joel Deaton
- Bill Apter interviews "Nature Boy' Ric Flair
- TV Title: Tully Blanchard versus Sam Houston
- "Russians" Ivan and Nakita Koloff versus Tommy Lane and Denny Brown
- Wahoo McDaniel promo.
- Bob Backlund versus "Cowboy" Ron Bass w/ JJ Dillon


- "Superstar" Billy Graham versus Sam Houston
- JJ Dillon and Ron Bass interview
- Mr. Saito versus Lee Ramsey
- Harley Race versus Mike Davis
- Carlos Colon versus Ben Alexander
- Dick Slater interview
- "Rissians" Ivan and Nikita Koloff versus Gene Ligon and Mike Fever
- Bob Backlund interview
- Jerry Lawler and Brian Adidis versus Joel Deaton and Paul Kelly
- Manny Fernandez and Dusty Rhodes interview


- "American Dream" Dusty Rhdoes and "Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez versus Jeff Sword and Doug Vines
- Bill Apter interviews Ivan and Nikita Koloff
- Rick Martel versus Joel Deaton
- Magnum TA music video set to "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf
- Wahoo McDaniel versus Lee Ramsey
- Bob Backlund interview
- "Nature Boy" Ric Flair versus Tommy Lane
- "Long Riders" Ron Bass and Black Bart w/ JJ Dillon versus Sam Houston and Brett Hart
- TV Title and $10,000 Match: Tully Blanchard versus Carlos Colon
- Dusty Rhodes interview


- Ken Resnick and Vern Gagne promo.
- Jimmy "Jam" Garvin w/ Precious versus Jerry Montie
- Jimmy Garvin interview
- Rick Martel versus Dennis Stamp
- Jimmy Valiant music video set to the Eagles' "Life's Been Good to Me So Far"
- "Road Warriors" Hawk and Animal w/ Paul Ellering versus Ken Lucas and Zulu
- Road Warriors promo.
- Kamala w/ Friday versus Steve Holzinowski
- Baron Von Rachke as Santa interview.
- Six-Man-Elimination-Tag: Curt Hennig, Jim Bronzel, and Greg Gagne versus Steve Regal, Lou Graham, and Mr. Saito w/ Sheik Casey
- Lou Graham promo


- "Fabulous Ones" Sam and Steve versus Billy Robinson and Dennis Stamp
- Fabulous Ones promo.
- "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell and Baron Von Rachke versus Eddie Sullivan and Zulu
- Jimmy "Jam" Garvin w/ Precious versus Tom Zenk
- "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin promo
- "Road Warriors" Hawk and Animal w/ Paul Ellering versus Jerry Montie and Steve O
- Road Warriors promo
- "Jumping" Jim Bronzel versus "Crazy" Luke Graham w/ Sheik Casey

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