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SET 10: This 4 disc set covers the tenth set of episodes of the debut of GWF, as it aired on TV in 1991/92.  These are the TV episodes in their entirety, no edits, no overdubbing.  This is Raw GWF Super Card.

~ Interviews w/Akbar and Young/Tatum/John Mantell
Match: John Mantell vs. Brian Henning
Match: Bill Irwin vs. Alex Porteau
Match: Rod Price and John Tatum vs. Ed Robinson and Khris Germany
Match: Giant Warriors vs. Big Bad John
Match: TV Champ Sam Houston vs. Viper (Rematch, Houston unmasks the Viper to be Mike Davis)

GWF TV (1992)
~ Interviews w/Young/Villalobos/Gary Hart/Fernandez
Match: Giant Warrior vs. Ed Robinson
Match: Manny Fernandez vs. Manuel Villalobos
Match: Chaz vs. Jimmy James
Match: Tag Champs Steve Dane and Gary Young vs. Ebony Experience

GWF TV (1992)
~ Interviews w/Ebony's/Chaz/Giant Warrior/Putski
Match: Rod Price vs. Ed Robinson
Match: Giant Warrior vs. Tugboat Taylor
Match: Terry Simms vs. Mike Davis
Match: Ebony Experience and Scott Putski vs. Alex Porteau, Shaun Summers and John Mantell

GWF TV (1992)
~ Interviews w/Chaz/Akbar/Ebony's/Gary hart
Match: Manny Fernandez vs. Khris Germany
Match: Manuel Villalobos vs. Gary Young
Match: Chaz vs. Steve Dane
Match: Ebony Experience (Booker T and Stevie Ray) vs. John Tatum and Rod Price

GWF TV (1992)
~ Chaz/Steve Dane feud Video
Match: John Mantell vs. Scott Putski
~ Akbar and John Mantell Interview

GWF TV (1992)
~ Interviews w/Black Bart/Scott and Ivan Putski
Match: Black Bart vs. Midnight Rider (Sam Houston)
Match: Terry Simms vs. Rod Price
Match: Chaz vs. John Mantell
Match: Black Bart vs. Buffalo Barnes
Match: Gary Young vs. Scott Putski (w/Ivan Putski)

GWF TV (1992)
~ Interviews w/Manny Fernandez/Chaz/Midnight Rider (Houston)
Match: Action Jackson vs. Calvin Knapp
Match: Iceman King Parsons vs. Nick Golden
Match: TV Champ Sam Houston vs. Viper (Viper is unmasked as Mike Davis, JIP)
~ Mike Davis gets shot into "outer space" via a bungee cord and returns with a "moon rock"
Match: Black Bart and John Mantell vs. Chaz and Midnight Rider (Sam Houston)

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