NAWA/SAPW TV 07/21 - 08/11/90 DVD


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Hosts: Tedd Webb & Gene Ligon
â— The Nasty Boys vs. Tommy Landell & Mike
â— Dean Malenko vs. Kokla Khan
â— Chris Chavis vs. Mike Crockett
â— Ranger Ross vs. Allen Kensey
â— Ricky Steamboat vs. Matt Borne (NA Title Semi
Final Match)
â— Ricky Steamboat vs. Robert Fuller (NA Title
Finals, Clipped?)
~ Lou Thesz presents Robert Fuller with the North American
~ Interviews include the likes of The Bulldogs, Nasty Boys,
Curtis Thompson, Dean Malenko, Paul Jones, Vince Torrelli, Chris
Chavis, Ricky Steamboat, Robert Fuller


Hosts: Tedd Webb &
â— American Bulldogs vs. Mike Rexx & Dr. X
â— Curtis Thompson vs. Tom Atlas
â— Ricky Steamboat vs. Bob Emery
â— Nasty Boys vs. Rick Wilson & Butch Malone
â— Matt Borne vs. David Isley
â— Vince Torrelli, Dean Malenko & Mark
Fleming (w/Paul Jones) vs. The Ringlords & Tommy Landell
~ Interviews include the likes of Nasty Boys, Matt Borne,
Robert Fuller, Ranger Ross, Bo Ragin


Hosts: Tedd Webb & Paul Jones
~ Robert Fuller forms a new Stud Stable consisting of
himself, Matt Borne & The Nasty Boys….Fuller then offers
a contract to Vince Torrelli….Torrelli speaks with his
advisor Paul Jones and decides to decline the offer!
â— Ranger Ross vs. Tommy Landell
â— Tag Champions Nasty Boys vs. Bob Emery &
Danny Allen
â— Vince Torrelli vs. Dr. X
â— The Royal Family (Jack Victory & Rip
Morgan) vs. David Isley & Jerry Price
â— Chris Chavis vs. Allen Kensey
â— North American Champ Robert Fuller vs. Gary
Booth (After the match we get a Ricky Steamboat/Fuller brawl which
breaks down into a wild brawl as Borne & the Nasty Boys attack
the Dragon….when out of nowhere PAUL JONES MAKES THE
SAVE!!!! Jones fights off the Stud Stable until Chavis & the
Bulldogs can make it to ringside to help!
~ Interviews include the likes of Robert Fuller, Matt Borne,
Nasty Boys, Vince Torrelli, Paul Jones, The Royal Family, Ranger


Hosts: Tedd Webb & Gene Ligon
â— Ranger Ross & Bo Ragin vs. Trent Knight
& Dan Grundy
â— Curtis Thompson vs. Butch Malone
â— Tag Champions Nasty Boys vs. American Bulldogs
â— Bob Orton Jr. & Matt Borne vs. Mike
Cavanar & Mike Curevich
â— Colt Steele vs. Thomas St. John
â— Ricky Steamboat vs. Greg Brown
~ Interviews include the likes of The Stud Stable (Fuller,
Borne & the Nasty Boys), Ricky Steamboat & Paul Jones,
Ranger Ross, Bo Ragin, Chris Chavis, Vince Torrelli

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