Best of Texas Raslin' Volume 2 DVD


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Here, the focus is on three individuals, men who “made their bones” in the territories prior to hitting the national scene. All of the matches originate in Texas (with one exception) and are scattered among  United States Wrestling Association and the Global Wrestling Federation. The three stars in the spotlight are Steve Austin, Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and Jeff Jarrett.

Show #1: Steve Austin

1. Steve Austin & Eric Embry vs. Gary Young and Bill Dundee
2. Steve Austin, Jeff Gaylord & Sheik Braddock vs. Eric Embry, Chris Adams & Matt Borne
3. Steve Austin & Percival Pringle III vs. Chris Von Erich & Chris Adams
4. Steve Austin, Billy Joe Travis & The California Stud vs. Matt Borne, The Dog of War & Jeff Jarrett

Show #2: Cactus Jack

1. Cactus Jack vs. The Patriot
2. Cactus Jack, Gary Young & Iceman King Parsons vs. Brickhouse Brown, Cowboy Tony & Wild Bill Irwin
3. Cactus Jack & Gary Young vs. Chris Adams & Jeff Jarrett
4. Cactus Jack vs. Doug Masters
5. Cactus Jack vs. Tony Falk
6. Cactus Jack vs. Brickhouse Brown
7. Cactus Jack vs. Eric Embry (Loser Leaves Town)

Show #3: Jeff Jarrett

1. Jeff Jarrett vs. Kamala
2. Jeff Jarrett vs. Shane (Sewell) – IWA Puerto Rico
3. Jeff Jarrett vs. Billy Joe Travis
4. Jeff Jarrett vs. Jerry Lawler (USWA Unified Championship)

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