Crockett's NWA Dallas TV 1994-1995 Volume 1 DVD

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So, a few of these episodes are complete or near to it. Some are chopped a bit. One airs in the wrong order. So, those are the down sides. The positives? It is rare NWA Dallas on DVD and in pretty strong quality at that. So, like you, I'm thrilled just to have some of it on disc! Here is your chance to have it too.

NWA Dallas TV - 11/26/94:

Host: Joe Pedicino
- CLIPS: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Black Bart beating up Akbar. Akbar is doing voice overs over it and says tonight at the Sporatorium, he will have Kevin Von Erich take on Greg Valentine.
- Kevin Von Erich does a backstage interview confirming he is returning to Dallas and will be managed by Akbar!
- Chico Cobello versus Al Walker (Tully Blanchard on commentary)
- Boni Blackstone interviews Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
- Ed Brock versus Rick Garren (Tully Blanchard on commentary)
- Tully Blanchard versus Dan Davis (Chris Adams on commentary)
- Junkyard Dog and The Regulator (Moadib, Ahmed Johnson) are interviewed by Boni Blackstone.
- Scott Putski and Curtis Thompson versus Larry Silman and Aries
- "The Youngbloods" Mark and Chris Youngblood versus "The Hard Riders" Rick and Frank w/ Michael PS Hayes
- Mark Nulty speaks to "Hard Riders" and Michael Hayes


- Joe Pedicino runs down the card.
- "Gentleman" Chris Adams versus Tully Blanchard (Michael Hayes on commentary)
- Chico Cabello versus Jeff Grettler (Jim Crockett Jr. on commentary, Rod Price at ringside watching on)
- Mark Nulty interviews Kevin Von Erich and Skandor Akbar. Von Erich says he has agreed to come back to wrestle in Dallas because of the quality of talent that has not been in the building in years. Shot at Global? I took it as one.
- "Gangster of Love" Chaz Taylor versus "Dapper" Dan Davis
- "Beach Bully" Alex Porteau wants Chaz.
- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Black Bart, and "Dirty" Dick Murdoch interview on Akbar.
- Action Jackon versus The Wolf Man
- "Gangster of Love" Chaz Taylor and Tony Norris interview with Boni Blackstone
- Junkyard Dog, Mark, and Chris Youngblood versus "The Hard Riders" and Michael PS Hayes (Chris Adams on commentary)
- "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell versus Sam Houston
- Black Bart, Greg Valentine, and Dick Murdoch wrap the show.

12/03/94: (Out of order, but hey, it is on there. Joined in progress)

- "Rugged" Rod Price versus VS "DC" Devon Michaels (Michael Hayes on commentary)
- Kevin Von Erich and Sam Houston w/ Skandor Akbar versus "Dapper" Dan Davis and Jeff Grettler
- Skandor Akbar, Kevin Von Erich, and Chris Adams wrap the show.


- Joe Pedicino runs down the card.
- "The Regulator" Tony Norris (Moadib/Ahmed Johnson) and "Gangster of Love" Chaz Taylor versus Black Bart and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (Brandon Baxter on commentary)
- Chris Adams interview with Mark Nulty.
- Sam Houston versus Aries
- "Gentleman" Chris Adams versus Al Walker
- Chaz Taylor and The Regulator interview with Boni Blackstone.
- Kevin Von Erich and Skandor Akbar backstage interview and Boni Blackstone.
- Women's Match: Peggie Lee Leathers versus Bambi
- End of show.

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