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DDT Gorgeous 07/16/2023 DVD
DDT Gorgeous 07/16/2023 DVD
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Classic Mountain Wrestling TV - 1992 - 24 Disc DVD
Classic Mountain Wrestling TV - 1992 - 24 Disc DVD
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Classic Mountain Wrestling TV - 1993 - 12 Disc DVD
Classic Mountain Wrestling TV - 1993 - 12 Disc DVD
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GLOW TV 100th Episode Special DVD

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G.L.O.W TV SHOW 100th Episode

G.L.O.W celebrates the landmark 100th show by going back and reviewing it's four year span of over 500 wrestling matches,featuring over 80 GLOW girls.This dvd features some of the show's best moments,plus footage never before seen on TV.This was supposed to be a one hour broadcast,but once they got started they wound up having to come back the following week and do a second hour.SHOW 100 Part One reviews years one and two,and the earlier GLOW stars like Palestina,Spanish Red,Hollywood,Americana,Tina,Ashley and The California Doll.SHOW 100 Part Two focuses on years three and four and the bevy of new stars like the beautiful Godiva,Tiffany Mellon,Broadway Rose,Daisy,Roxy Astor and more.Don't worry,you'll get to see 'em all on this dvd.Also shows a review of the GLOW crown,it's history and all it's champions featuring footage of each and every title change. In many markets this was the FINAL time G.L.O.W was ever seen on TV.And,since all the commercials are edited out,there are four full length bonus matches placed at the end of this dvd,including a rare penalty box match featuring an appearance by the rarely seen Brunhilda.

G.L.O.W Show 100 Part One features...

Glow Girls Rap: Finished product
Housewives, Mama Stallone, Aunt Kitty, Tina, Spanish Red, Heavy Metal, Tammy Jones, Palestina
Wild match segments
Spanish Red & Royal Hawaiian vs Americana and Debbie Debutante
Spanish Red and Americana take their brawl out into the street outside The Riviera Hotel
Famers's Duaghter, California Doll & Tammy Jones vs Hollywood, Vine & Attache
Palestina & Princess of Darkness vs Olympia & California Doll
GLOW Street Fight: last girl still wearing clothes wins.
"Nasty and Mean"
Bad Girls casino song and dance number
"Asking Ashley"
GLOW Games segments
Pizza Eating Contest
Good Girls/Bad Girls Tug of War
Good Girls/Bad Girls Escalator races
Good Girls/Bad Girls Arm Wrestling Contest
Feature on the Heavy Metal Sisters
Heavy Metal Arrives in strait jackets, make the Southern Belles jump through flaming hoops, lynch the All-Americans, bring a Ashley boyfriends sawed off arm to the ring, beat up two referees, and spike catches lockjaw while biting Debbie Debutante's big toe, then play around with a meat cleaver.
"Good Girls Don't"
Good Girls poolside song and dance number
More Wild Match Segments
Hollywood & Vine vs Bambi & Babette (2 guys in drag)
Americana vs Palestina in a "stretcher match"
Housewives use a set of Frying thongs on Ashley Cartier's nose
"My Heart Belongs to Daddy"
Susie Spirit and Mt. Fiji saloon girl song and dance number

G.L.O.W Show 100 Part Two features...

Glow Girls Rap: The Unfinished product
Babe, Godiva, Tiffany, Daisy, Roxy, Beastie rehearsing and horribly botching their rap lines
More Wild Match Segments
GLOW Penalty Box Match
Hollywood and Sally The Farmer's Daughter
Big Bad Mama vs Cheyenne Cher
Zelda challenges Major Tanya to a game of chess
MTV vs Vicki Victory Lumberjack Match
GLOW Girls on TV
GLOW girls visit The Donahue Show. Phil Donahue wrestles GLOW girl Big Bad Mama
GLOW girls visit The Sally Jesse Rafael Show. Sally Rafael wrestles GLOW girl MTV
Glow Girls on "Married with Children". Al Bundy winds up in a body cast after Big Bad Mama squashes him.
Watch Where You Eat Segment
It's the old pie in the face gag, courtesy of The Spanish Kitchen, Beastie's Beanery and Angel's Hell Kitchen.
Food Fights
More cream pies, watermelons, spaghetti, even a segment with Matilda gnawing on raw meat
GLOW Title Change Highlights
Matilda (champ) vs Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones (champ) vs Royal Hawaiian
Royal Hawaiian (champ) vs Americana
Americana (champ) vs Col. Ninotchka
Col. Ninotchka vs Tina Ferrari for vacant GLOW crown
Tina Ferrari (champ) vs Col. Ninotchka
Champ Col. Ninotchka abdicates the GLOW crown
Cheyenne Cher vs Godiva for the vacated GLOW crown

"Penalty Box Rules" 5 girl tag team match:
Mt. Fiji, Tulsa, Babe, Lightning & Zelda vs Big Bad Mama, Sara & Mabel, MTV, and Star
"Tiffany's Unwilling Road Warrior Initiation"
Tiffany Mellon vs Beastie
"Two against one Handicap Match"
Mountain Fiji vs MTV and Stinky
"Run for the Rubies Elimination Match"

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