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In 1993, IWCCW or ICW as it once was known was not running regularly any longer. Instead, they had a local TV show that was syndicated. It featured a mix of local wrestling throughout the country with a focus on their own action from the New York/New Jersey area and South Atlantic territory. Even the South Atlantic stuff clearly wasn't brand new. But, it was solid and when you put it together, it is a fun few hours of wrestling here.

- Greg Bobchick versus Roughouse Graham (South Atlantic called by Bob Caudle)
- Bill Apter hypes his hotline.
- Cousin Luke versus The Ripper (Lee Marshall on commentary) (IWCCW)
- Kevin Sullivan hypes IWCCW and a commercial for upcoming events. (IWCCW)
- Interview with German Trooper (South Atlantic)
- Bill Apter press conference with Honky Tonk Man. "Ravishing" Rick Rude comes out and says he is the best Intercontinental Champion of All Time. The two bicker over the title. (IWCCW)
- "The Trooper" Helmut Hesler versus Tyrone Knox (South Atlantic)
- Greg Bobchick and Bambi interview. Roughouse Graham badmouths Bambi. (South Atlantic)
- "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel versus "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff (South Atlantic)
- Ivon Koloff promo. (South Atlantic)

- Tommy Angel versus Starr (South Atlantic)
- IWCCW promo.
- Macumba versus Gino Carusso (IWCCW)
- Greg Bobchick versus The Grappler (South Atlantic)
- IWCCW promo
- "Southern Gentleman" Jeff Collett versus Jeff Husker (South Atlantic)
- "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel interviewed by Bob Caudle. (South Atlantic)
- Vince Torelli veru Tyrone Knox (South Atlantic)
- Del Rio versus Ring Lord Rick (South Atlantic)
- The Patriot (with the GWF North American Title) versus Mike Starr (South Atlantic)
- Bob Caudle interviews Wahoo McDaniel and The Patriot (South Atlantic)
- "Trooper" Helmut Hesler versus Jeff Husker (South Atlantic_
- "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel versus Tyrone Knox (South Atlantic)
- Tommy Gunn versus The Grappler (South Atlantic)
- IWCCW promo
- Greg Bobchick versus Roughouse Graham (South Atlantic)
- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ Madusa versus Cousin Luke

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