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Neo Be Happy 1st Day 1 05/06/1998 DVD
Neo Be Happy 1st Day 1 05/06/1998 DVD
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Save: 20% off
TJPW Tokyo Joshi 2022 Winter 03/05/2022 DVD
TJPW Tokyo Joshi 2022 Winter 03/05/2022 DVD
Sale: $4.79
Save: 20% off
Neo First Kiss 01/09/1998 DVD
Neo First Kiss 01/09/1998 DVD
Sale: $4.79
Save: 20% off

CWF Classic Florida 1966 -1979 - 4 Disc DVD

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CWF Classic Florida 1966 -1979 - 4 Discs
Disc 1
Dory Funk Jr. Vs. Gene Kiniski (Funk wins the NWA title!) (1969)
Jack Brisco vs. Masa Siato
Lou Thesz vs. Matt Jewel (1966)
Eddie Graham and Joe Leduc vs. Dick Slater and Toru Tanaka (1974)
Jack Brisco vs. Pak Song (1976)
Highlights of the 1977 Florida tag team tournament!
Dusty Rhodes vs. The Missouri Mauler (1978)
Bob Roop vs. Dusty Rhodes (1978)
Jack Brisco vs. Buddy Colt
Cage match: Paul Jones vs. Buddy Colt
Ole and Gene Anderson vs. Rocky Johnson and Tiger Conway Jr. (1978)
Killer Khan vs. Eddie Graham
Terry Funk has an interview with his hair in braids!
Mike Graham and Ray Stevens vs. Bill Irwin and The Terror
Terry Funk vs. Manny Fernandez (Funk loses the Florida mistake!)
Funk has a confrontation with Fernandez. Manny then gets sucker punched and piledriven by Terry!
All this plus much more
Disc 2
Submission match: Dory Funk Jr. Vs. Jerry Brisco (a ton of chaos ensues with Bill Watts, the Mongolian Stomper, Bob Roop and Gary Hart!)
Raul Mata and Jack Brisco vs. Bobby Shane and Bearcat Wright
Paul Jones vs. Tim woods
Johnny Valentine vs. Bearcat Wright
A battle royal
Lou Thesz vs. Johnny Valentine
Hiro Matsuda vs. Bob Orton jr.
Danny Hodge vs. Jerry Brisco
Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk jr. (Lou Thesz is the special guest referee!)
Harley Race vs. Jack Brisco
All this plus much more
Disc 3
Dusty Rhodes vs. The Spoiler
Wahoo Mcdaniel and Dusty Rhodes vs. Killer Karl Kox and Bobby Duncum
The Spoiler vs. Paul Ellering
Manny Fernandez vs. Marvin Turner
Sir Oliver Humperdink vs. Bubba Douglas
Steve Keirn vs. Chick Donovan
Dusty Rhodes vs. Terry Funk in an unscheduled brawl!
Bugsy Mcgraw vs. Jim Sheilds
Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito vs. Pedro Morales and Rocky Johnson
Lars Anderson vs. Scott Casey
Killer Khan vs. Ray Candy
Mike Graham and Steve Keirn vs. Spoilers 1 & 2
Disc 4
Wahoo Mcdaniel vs. Bobby Duncum
Steve Keirn rehabs his broken leg
Highlights of the Florida Tag Tourny from 1978
Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito vs. The Masked Marauders
Andre the Giant vs. The Bounty Hunters (handicap match)
Jerry Brisco vs. Bob Roop (excellent match!)
Killer Karl Kox vs. Steve Brody
Koloff and Saito vs. Graham and Keirn
Harley Race attacks Dusty Rhodes while Rhodes is brawling with Kox!
Mike Graham vs. Tully Blanchard
The Sheepherders vs. Sweet Brown Sugar and Bubba Douglas
The Assassin attacks Dusty Rhodes
Dusty brawls with Killer Khan
Harley Race vs. Terry Taylor

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