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Kris Kloss comes out to a huge applaud! Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Pico Rivera! Tonight, everything's being recorded for national television and home video. Welcome to Pico Rivera, welcome to Halloween in Hell 2! Tonight is a triple main-event, Johnny Webb vs. A Mystery Opponent [XPW Title Match]; Kaos vs. New Jack [XPW TV Title Match]; and Vic Grimes vs. Supreme [Exploding Ring Match for the Deathmatch Title].

Kloss is interrupted by Konnan, Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera, and Mexico's Most Wanted! He says the only way he'll hire Latinos is if KJLA makes him. He calls out Rob Black and his cheap Black Army! Here comes Rob Black and the lovely Lizzy Borden. Black says he didn't invite them, that piece of crap station KJLA did! You know what's worse then 7 Mexicans? A crowd full of them! Black sets up matches for all the members of both teams, including Psychosis vs. Juventud, loser wins a bag of oranges, not money!

After the Black Army is gone, Konnan says that either Rob Black or Lizzy Borden will get a piece of La Familia!

>G.Q. Money [w/ The Enterprise] vs. Angel [w/ Kraq]
Before the match, Angel and Kraq come out with a rainbow flag and do a little hanky-panky! The two exchange waist locks, but Angel enjoys the better of them. G.Q. goes for an early pinning combination to no avail. He follows it up with the Outsider Egde, to only a 2 count. The two collide in an attempt to clothesline each other. G.Q. Money hits a neck-breaker, but Kraq makes the save! Angel rolls out of the ring, just to be splashed by Money to the outside! G.Q. Money is the money, no wonder he makes the dollars make sense! Angel is thrown out of the ring, and The Enterprise double-teams him. Money goes on the apron and throws himself into both Kraq and Angel again! When they get back in the ring, they exchange chops. G.Q. is placed on the bottom rope, where Angel jumps over the top rope and lands a wicked legdrop to the outside! After trying to pin Money, Angel is pulled between the pole of the turnbuckle and his testicles are crunched! G.Q. Money gains back advantage, but after a top-rope leg drop, is interfered with by Kraq. Money throws Angel between the ropes and he hits the pole. G.Q. puts a chair in the ring, nails a variation of a vertical suplex into a power bomb onto a chair, but only gets the 2 count! Angel uses the chair to his advantage by hitting a top rope splash on G.Q. while he was on the chair! Veronica Caine interrupts the match while T.J. Rush nails a WICKED chairshot on him, but Kevin Kleinrock comes in and hits Money with a chair! Angel gets the 1-2-3!
Winner: Angel

>Mexico's Most Wanted [w/ Lady Victoria] vs. Kronus & Kraq
Before the match, Damien 666 and Halloween give proper introductions for each other rather then Ron Head's English version! The two luchadores gain early advantage over the two Black Army members. Kronus takes on Damien 666 first, with both men going at it with a series of awesome moves. Kraq attempts to hit Damien with a pumpkin, but gets sand thrown in his eyes by Halloween. Back in the ring, Damien 666 lands a top rope huricanrana with Halloween following it up with a top-rope leg drop. Kraq interferes, so Kronus gains back advantage against Halloween. Kraq works on Damien in the ring while Kronus and Halloween destroy the XPW set. Back in the ring, Kraq and Damien go through a series of pinning combinations, all with the help from Angel and Lady Victoria! Kronus is about to go for his 450 Splash, but Victoria interferes. Halloween gets thrown of the top rope, Kraq picks him up, while Kronus drops the leg! Kraq is taken advantage of, though, by Damien 666 and almost gets the pin. Halloween gets in the ring to help his partner, and helps them gain the win with a spinning heel kick.
Winner: Mexico's Most Wanted

>Steve Rizzono vs. Pogo The Clown
As a sign of respect, Pogo comes out with an American flag on his burying shovel! Rizzono exchanges chops and a splash with Pogo, but this just pisses off the big man! Pogo follows up with a huge clothesline that almost knocks himself off balance. T.J. Rush gets in the ring and attacks Pogo! What the heck? This isn't a handicap match! A chair is put in the ring, and Pogo is slammed right on top of it! They miss the conchairto, and Pogo uses his strength to block the other chairshot attempts. As the killer clown is going after Caine, Rizzono low blows him. He nails his version of the fame-asser, but Pogo kicks out. Another attempt another kick out! Pogo hits a wicked clothesline and gets the win.
Winner: Pogo The Clown

>Psychosis vs. Juventud Guerrera [Winner gets paid, Loser gets oranges]
The two exchange some stiff slaps to the face, with Pyschosis ending up with a face full of the mat. Juvi applies an armbar, tries to suplex him, but Pyschosis reverses it into an armbar of his own. Juvi nails a stiff kick to the face, resulting in Pyschosis leaving the ring. Pyschosis comes back with the Buzzkiller, but only gets a 1 count. Juvi hits a spinning heel kick then a swinging DDT! He goes to the outside asking for a chair, and is thrown about 20! This prompts the secruity to chase down these guys. Back in the ring, Psychosis regains advantage, but without the use of a chair. Juvi goes for a chair, but Pyschosis uses it on him! Then Juvi is thrown head first into the chair! But Juvi works Pyschosis and hits the Juvi Driver onto a chair!
Winner: Juventud Guerrera

After the match, the two men embrace each other in a sign of comradory. Juvi grabs the mic and says that this isn't the end, they have a surprise for us!

>Damien Steele vs. Konnan
The two men begin the match by exchanging hip-tosses. Konnan goes for his variation of a back-breaker, then puts on an arm-bar/headlock move! Lizzy Borden gets on the apron, so Konnan chases her around the ring, where he gets piece of her in the ring. But Lady Victoria stops him, and wants to go after her! The ref breaks it up, but Konnan keeps the advantage with a low blow and a clothesline. Then Victoria gives Damien a face full of stuff! Konnan misses a clothesline, so Steele spits mist in his face! Steele keeps the advantage with a waist-lock, but Konnan tosses him over his head and almost gets the 3 count! Konnan then goes for the Tequila Sunrise, but Lizzy messes with the ref! Lady Victoria spits mist into Konnan's face! WHAT THE HECK? IS SHE PART OF THE BLACK ARMY NOW? Steele hits a inverted neck-breaker and scores the win!
Winner: Damien Steele

After the match, Lady Victoria walks out with Lizzy Borden & Damien Steele, celebrating! Konnan grabs the microphone and says he knows Rob Black put him up to this! He runs out of the ring with La Familia, while the cameramen follow!

>XPW TV Title: Kaos vs. New Jack
Kaos comes out first, and hits about 300 different poses! What an f'n egomaniac. New Jack comes out to a huge ovation, and brings some of his familiar friends [weapons of course]. Kaos gains the advantage early on, with the help of the weapons. New Jack cuts open Kaos out of nowhere with a metal fork! He keeps stabbing him with it, and then throws him out of the ring! They take it to the outside where they exchange blows in the crowd of thousands! Huge New Jack chants all the way around the arena. They're back in the ring, where Jack almost crushes Kaos' testes with a crutch and a cookie sheet. He follows it up with a trashcan shot to the head! Then another from the toprope! While this is happening, G.Q Money knocks the referee out so The Enterprise could triple team New Jack. Kaos nails his finishing move, a variation of the Blockbuster for the win.
Winner: Kaos

After the match, New Jack gets up but G.Q. Money is still in the ring! He nails him with an awesome trashcan shot to the head! Then he follows it up with a clothesline! Money is bleeding! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! He puts him onto a table underneath a tower [probably 25 feet]... New Jack climbs to the top and jumps off! NEW JACK, NEW JACK, NEW JACK! New Jack grabs the mic and asks what did all the fans expect? He brought himself to this building, a gosh darn horse stable, they picked the right opponents. They smell like crap, and he gave them crap!

>XPW World Title: 'White Trash' Johnny Webb vs. ???
Rob Black comes out and tells Webb he has nothing to worry about. Here is his mystery opponent, Leroy The Ring Crew Guy! RCG, RCG, RCG! Johnny Webb dominates the match, as expected, and wins the match within seconds.
Winner: Johnny Webb

Webb grabs the mic, and tells Leroy he'll give him one more chance.

>XPW World Title: 'White Trash' Johnny Webb vs. Leroy
Johnny Webb hits a DDT and RCG is out like a light! He brings in a chair, gives it to Leroy, and tells him to use it. RCG throws it at him, but misses the kick that follows. Webb hits RCG with the chair and gets the win.
Winner: Johnny Webb

Vampiro comes out and wants to take on Webb for the title! Webb gives the okay, and says he won't give the title to some Canadian. USA, USA, USA! AHHHHHH! Here comes Major Gunns, and asks if Webb really wants a challenge? OH MY GOSH! IT'S SANDMAN!

>XPW World Title: 'White Trash' Johnny Webb vs. Vampiro vs. The Sandman
All three men fight on the outside. Sandman gets into the ring and sets up a table in the corner and brings in a 20-foot ladder! Vampiro winds up suplexing Sandman into the ladder, and then gets it whipped into his face. Vampiro tries to get the 3 count, but only gets 2. Sandman regains the advantage, but misses a dive into Vampiro and winds up on the table. Sandman and Vampiro go into the crowd, where Vampiro dives off the wall onto Sandman. They get in the ring, where Sandman nails Webb with his kendo stick! Vampiro hits the nail in the coffin, but Black comes in for the save. Webb covers Sandman while Vamp is being preoccupied, and gets the win!
Winner: Johnny Webb

Sandman grabs the microphone after the match as the crowd chants "Welcome Back"! He says that there is a gravestone here on the set that says that The Sandman is dead. He never knew he was dead! This beer is for the crowd. XPW fans are the best he's ever witnessed!

>XPW Deathmatch Title: Supreme vs. Vic Grimes [Exploding Ring, Tubeb Florescent Light Bulb, Deathmatch]
The match begins with both men almost falling into the explosive barbwire beds! Supreme tries to roll Vic Grimes into it, but Grimes won't go for it. Grimes then whips Supreme, but he stops right before landing into the barbwire! Grimes is pissed off so he puts Supreme's head right into the barbwire, blood is gushing out of his head! He has the pizza-cutter and is cutting him with it! Supreme bleeds even more as a result. Chairshot to Supreme, then Grimes challenges him to a chair-shot competition. First goes Supreme, then Grimes, then Supreme, and again and again! GRIMES GOES INTO THE EXPLOSIVE AND THE CROWD ERRUPTS! He gets back into the ring, where Supreme puts Grimes' face into the barbwire. Both men are battered and bloody. Vic Grimes sets up a powerbomb into the explosive barbwire, but Supreme powers out. So Grimes just clotheslines Supreme and he falls! SMOKE IS EVERYWHERE! Grimes grabs a florescent tube light bulb, and crushes it on Supreme's head! Then he gets into the ring, and drops the elbow on Supreme with a light bulb under his arm! The two make there way to the bed of florescent tubing, where Supreme back-body drops Vic into the glass! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Supreme then grabs a pumpkin and nails Vic Grimes with it! Then Supreme suplexes him onto a 50 lb. barrel! Then Grimes is whipped into the guardrail, but it gives way and he spills into the crowd! Supreme tries to clothesline Grimes into the explosive barbwire, but he reverses it and Supreme goes into it! They get back into the ring where Grimes to knee Supreme through the barbwire [who is on the outside], but Supreme pulls down the barbwire, and Vic lands into the explosives again! As Grimes is hurting on the outside, Supreme cuts the barbwire off the posts. Vic Grimes gets up to a standing ovation, but is met with a chairshot to the dome. Supreme wraps Grimes in the barbwire, brings in 20 light bulbs taped together to form a bed, and does a running toad splash on it! 1-2-3! A siren sounds, and everyone ringside heads for the hills! But Supreme and Grimes are still in there! A huge explosion ends off a historic night of wrestling!
Winner: Supreme

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