Memphis Prime Time - 05/03/2008-05/17/2008


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Memphis Prime Time - May 3, 2008:

- Christie Ricci says there is no women in wrestling that can compete with her. ODB turns up. They have a cat fight.
- Koonta (dressed as Kamala) versus Spider Man
- Shock attacks Spider Man. Johnny makes the save.
- Kevin White, Bill Dundee, and King Cobra cut a promo.
- Koko B. Ware interview with Too Cool Too. Mocks King Cobra.
- Kevin White, Bill Dundee, and King Cobra versus Koko B. Ware and Too Cool Too
- Stan Lane of the Fabulous Ones calls in.
- Steve Keirn tells the story of how the Fabulous Ones were created.
- Jimmy Hart arrives at the airport and is handed a court order to keep him out of the Memphis studio for this week's show.
- Jerry Lawler is locked out of the studio. He rants for no less than 15 minutes insulting everyone. Brutal. (In a good way.)
- Rock and Roll Express music video set to KISS' Rock and Roll All Nite
- TV Title - "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher versus The Soul Taker

Memphis Prime Time - May 10, 2008:

- Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler starts the show.
- Shock versus Johnny Dotson
- Steve Keirn talks more about the start of the Fabulous Ones and how Jerry Jarrett and Jeff Lawler were involved.
- Women's Title: Christie Ricci (c) versus ODB
- Jimmy Hart cuts a promo outside, likely still at the airport.
- Brian Christopher explains what makes a good wrestling superstar. He is taking Kevin Whtie under his wing.
- Too Cool Too mock Brian Christopher.
- Too Cool Too versus Stan Lee and King Cobra
- Jimmy Hart tries to hail a cab. Corey Maclin was driving. Jimmy runs out.
- The Fabulous Ones music video to the song "Everybody Wants You" by Billy Squier
- Jerry Jarrett says he sent out Bert Prentice to discuss the Fabulous Ones with Jerry Jarrett. Jerry is on the show!
- Jerry Jarrett discusses the origins of the Fabulous Ones.
- Koko B. Ware and Koonta versus Brian Christopher and Kevin White
- Jerry Lawler rips on Mike Adamle.

Memphis Prime Time - May 17, 2008:

- Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler start the show. They argue over the time they feuded.
- Lawler sets up a match between Corey Maclin, Stan Lane, and Steve Keirn with Jerry Jarrett against Jerry Lawler, Robert Gibson, and Ricky Morton with Jimmy Hart.
- The Soultaker versus Drew Donavan and Edrick Heins
- Bill Dundee cuts a promo on Kid Kash
- Too Cool Too cut a promo.
- Kid Kash versus Stan Lee
- Brian Christopher got into a battle with Koko B. Ware and sets up a Stun Gun on a Pole Match.
- Jerry Lawler comes out and runs down Corey Maclin.
- Jerry Lawler and Shock versus Spider Man and Johnny Dotson

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