USWA Memphis TV - 01/18 - 03/15 1997 4 Disc DVD


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USWA Memphis TV - 01/18 - 03/15 1997 4 Disc DVD


- Flash Flanagan and Steven Dunn versus PG 13 - Tag Titles
- Miss Texas interview
- Bobby Bolton versus Steve Bailey
- Jeff Conaway from Grease and Taxi endorses Mike Samples
- Mike Samples versus Tony Myers
- Bill Dundee promo
- Brian Christopher versus Reggie B Fine w/ Miss Texas


- Jerry "The King" Lawler versus Tracy Smothers
- Jerry Lawler promo
- Flash Flanagan's father gives an update on his son's injuries.
- PG 13 mock Flash Flanagan's injury
- Brian Christopher promo


- Lance Russell returns with Jerry "The King" Lawler. Dave Brown has, apparently, left.
- Jerry Lawler versus
- Brian Christopher versus "Elijah" The Spellbinder - Arm Wrestling Match
- Mike Samples interview
- Mike Samples and Bobby Bolton have a fight at a commercial shoot
- Bill Dundee versus Mike Samples
- Jessie James Armstrong and Queen Nikki interview
- Brian Pillman interview
- Reggie B Fine w/ Queen Nikki versus ???
- JC Ice and Wolfie D versus Jessie James Armstrong and Steven Dunn
- Nation of Domination promo


- Bundy the Gorilla is there
- Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Superstar" Bill Dundee versus PG 13 JC Ice and Wolfie D - Tag Team Titles
- Truth Commission versus Steven Dunn and SUper Hysteria
- Ken Wayne and Mike Samples versus Flash Flanagan and Billy Joe Travis
- Bobby Bolton versus King Reginald
- Brooklyn Brawler versus Brian Christopher - USWA Title Match


- Dirty Dutch Mantell co-hosts with Lance Russell
- Truth Comission versus TD Steele and Super Something or Other
- Bill Dundee and Kergan argue
- Recon versus Bobby Bolton
- King Reginald and Mike Samples versus Flash Flanagan and Billy Joe Travis
- PG 13 versus Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher


- JC Ice versus Bobby Bolton
- Stacy inteviews Bobby Bolton. Yes, THE KAT!
- Steven Dunn versus Mike Samples
- Highlights: Jerry Lawler versus King Reginald
- Tank, Recon, and the Interrigator versus Jessie James Armstrong, TD Steele, and Graham Jr
- Brakus and and Elijah versus Flash Flanagan and Billy Joe Travis
- Brian Christopher versus Wolfie D


- Lance Russell and Dutch Mantell tease Stacy "The Cat" Carter about her debut
- Flash Flanagan and Billy Joe Travis versus Truth Commission
- Steven Dunn versus Graham Jr
- Spellbinder and Brakus versus TD Steele & ???
- Mike Samples versus Jessie James Armstrong
- Wolfie D. JC Ice, and King Reginald versus Brian Christopher, Tony Williams, & Bill Dundee


- Mark St. John hosts with Dutch Mantell and Stacy "The Kat" Carter
- Flash Flanagan and Billy Joe Travis win tag team titles!
- King Reginald and Steve Boss versus Flash Flanagan and Billy Joe Travis
- Spellbinder versus Brian Christopher
- Brakus versus Bill Dundee
- Mike Samples versus Steven Dunn

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