MCW Memphis Wrestling June/July 2001 - 3 Disc DVD


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In 2001, Memphis Wrestling was on its last legs for its current run and featured a lot of young talent being groomed for bigger things. This run is the final 6 episodes of the TV show's run on 3 DVD's. I must apologize that I do not have dates nor can I find any online.

Some top quality names here. Quality is average considering the rarity of the footage. From a VHS tape that I have had for a while and never converted until now. What was I waiting for? There is some good stuff here.

Disc 1:


- Talent arrives.
- "Haas Brothers" Charlie and Russ Haas versus "Island Boys" Echmo and Kimo (Joey Matthews and CHristian York involved)
- Shooter Schultz, American Dragon, and Spanky in ring promo.
- Light Heavyweight Title: Tyler Gates versus Spanky
- Three Way Dance: Lance Cade versus Joey Abs versus Steve Bradley (Victoria gets involved)

Next episode:

- "Haas Brothers" Charlie and Russ Haas versus American Dragon and Spanky
- Hardcore Title: Joey Abs versus Seven
- "Island Boys" Kimo and Echmo versus Joey Matthews & Christian York
- American Dragn (Daniel Bryan) backstage interview.
- Victoria confronts Steve Bradley She introduces her new bodyguard Tattoo, aka Tomko.
- World Title: Lance Cade versus Steve Bradley (Victoria on commentary)

Disc 2:

New Show:

- Recap of Joey Abs winning the Hardcore title.
- Victoria has a new bodyguard.
- Tag Titles: Charlie and Russ Haas versus "Island Boys" Echmo and Chemo (Joey Matthews and Christian York on commentary)
- Shooter Schultz has the Hardcore Title. He says he's going to throw it in the Mississippi River.
- Lance Cade offers to team with the champ. No go.
- Steve Bradley promo.
- Victoria introduces her new bodyguard. Some nice camera angles on Victoria.
- "American Dragon" backstage asks for a match for the Light Heavyweight Title. Boy, he's green as goose poop. Come a long way! He wanted to wrestle Spanky. Schultz declined.
- Haas brothers are upset.
- Seven versus American Dragon (Spanky on commentary)
- Lance Cade promo.
- Joey Abs and Lance Cade versus Steve Bradley
- Show recap with interviews of the stars.

Next Show:

- Recap of last week.
- Lance Cade versus Rod Ragis
- Spanky versus Seven
- Joey Abs and Shooter Schultz backstage.
- Triple Threat: Tag Titles: "Haas Brothers" Charlie and Russ Haas versus Christian York & Joey Matthews versus "Island Boys" Echmo and Kimo
- Victoria swimsuit video. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!
- Lumberjack Match - Steve Bradley versus Joey Abs

Disc 3:

Next show:

- Music video set to Britney Spears (I kid you not) featuring highlights of Jerry Lynn and Spanky.
- Raven versus Joey Abs
- Ivory versus Victoria
- Lance Cade versus Scotty 2 Hotty w/ Rikishi
- Haas Brothers" Charlie and Russ Haas versus Bradshaw and Farooq
- Victoria and Tattoo (Tomko, not the dude from Fantasy Island) promo.
- Victoria bikini video. So nice, they showed it twice.
- Recap interviews.

Next show:

- Spanky versus American Dragon
- Rod Ragis and Victoria versus Stevie Richards and Ivory
- "Haas Brothers" Charlie and Russ Haas versus Christian York & Joey Matthews
- Tag Titles: Bradshaw and Farooq versus "Island Boys" Echmo and Kimo

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