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CCW Wrestling from 1989 7 Disc DVD Set

CCW Wrestling from 1989 7 Disc DVD Set
CWF 1989
January 89
Masa Chono vs. The Equalizer
Bullet & Austin Idol promo
Black Bart vs. Josh Stroud
Dr. Tom Pritchard vs. Duce Mason
Terry Gordy video
Scott Steiner & Shawn Baxter
vs. Fuller & Golden
Dr. Tom turns on Brad Armstrong
Party Patrol vs. Detroit Demolition & Blade Warrior
Doug Furnas vs. Terry Adonis
Super Dave Baxter vs. JD Wolfe
Storm Trooper vs. Ronnie Thomas
Todd Morton & Danny Davis vs. Mr. Martin & the Cobra
Tom Pritchard vs. Buddy Gold
RPM & Bill Dundee vs. Party Patrol
Larry Davis vs. Wendell Cooley
Bill Holliday & David Elbert vs. the Alaskan Hunters
Dirty White Boy has a funeral for the Continental Cat

February 89
Terry Gordy vs. Pat Rose
Danny Davis & Doug Furnas vs Machine & Count
The Hunters vs. Brad Anderson & Bucky Seigler
Austin Idol vs. Tim Dawson
The Dog vs Mr. Martin
Wendall Cooley vs. Russian Assassin
Mr.Chono & RPM vs. Party Patrol
Terry Gordy vs. Black Bart
Masked Midget vs. Butch Cassidy
Danny Davis vs. Pat Rose
U.S Title Match
Ron Fuller vs. Bo Elliott
Dog vs. Mr. Martin
Chono & RPM vs. Gene Spurlock & Buddy Marlowe Jr.
Mr. Martin & Masked Midget vs. Doug Furnas & Butch Cassidy
Fuller vs. DWB
Brad Anderson vs. Bo Elliott
Hunters vs. Brad Anderson
Count & Marlowe vs. Party Patrol
Hunters vs. Brad Anderson & Rick Valento
Heel have mock Funeral for Mascot Continental Cat
David Elder & Mr. Martin vs. Todd & Ricky Morton
Mongolian Stomper vs. Todd Morton
Party Patrol vs. JD Wolfe & Terry Adonis
Willie B. Heert & Danny Davis vs. Stone & Mike Martin
Austin Idol vs. Pat Rose
Black Bart vs. Dawson
Terry Gordy vs. Russian Assassin
Hunters vs. Lee Peak & Richard Smith
Chono & RPM vs Anderson & Seigler

July 89
Sam Houston vs. Masked Raven
Party Patrol vs.
Lou Fabiano & Kevin Dillenger
Danny Davis vs. Russian Destroyer
Don ‘’Stomper’’Harris vs. Wendall Cooley
Jimmy Golden & Mongolian Stomper promo
Bobby & Jackie Fulton vs
Jimmy Golden & Mongolian Stomper
Chain Match
Dr. Tom Pritchard vs. Ricky Morton

August 89 Disc 1
Don Harris vs. Wendell Cooley
Beauty Terry Garvin vs. Adrian Street
Terry Garvin vs. Danny Davis
Don Sanders vs. Jimmy Golden
Brian Lee & Robert Fuller vs.
Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong
Jerry Lawler music video
AWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig
Another Jerry Lawler music video
Southern Boys vs. Rock Hart & Lou Fabiano
Mike Davis vs. Danny Davis
Keith Hart & Todd Morton vs.
Robert Fuller & Brian Lee
Jerry Stubbs vs. Jimmy Golden
Bullett vs. Storm Trooper
Masa Chono & Mike Davis vs.
Todd Morton & Randy Hogan
Danny Davis vs. The Hunter
The Count vs. Mike Jackson
The Falcon & William Hollis vs. DWB & Jerry Stubbs
Continental Heavyweight Title Match
The Bullet vs. Dr. Tom Pritchard
The Bullet is unmasked as Brad Armstrong
Mr. Martin & the Blade Warrior Animal
vs. Party Patrol
Tom Prtichard vs. Bill Holliday
Mr. Chono & Mike Davis vs. David Elder & Buddy Gold
The Alaskian Hunters & Bill Dundee vs.
Danny Davis, Todd Morton & Wendell Cooley

August 89 Disc 2
Terry Garvin vs. Todd Morton
Dennis Condrey vs. Danny Davis
Robert Fuller vs. Continental Cat
Southern Boys vs. Mike Davis & Lou Fabiano
Dennis Condrey vs. Todd Morton
Steel Cage Match
Terry Garvin & The Beast vs.
Adrian Street & Miss Linda
Jerry Stubbs vs. Mike Davis
Southern Boys vs. Brian Lee & Jimmy Golden
Jerry Lawler Video (Glory Days)
Jerry Lawler Video (The Warrior)

October 89
Southern Boys vs. The Panther
& Scrap Iron
Dennis Condrey vs. The Avenger
Cactus Jack Manson vs. Curt Allen
Miss Sylvia Video (Super Freak)
Jimmy Golden & Brian Lee vs.
Jerry Stubbs & Johnny Gilbert
The Beast  vs. Todd Morton
Southern Boys vs. The Intruders
Cactus Jack Manson vs. The Panther
The Beast vs. Chief Little End
Adrian Street & Todd Morton vs.
Lou Fabiano & African Assassin
Jeff Jarrett Video
Jimmy Golden, Cactus Jack Manson
& Brian Lee vs. The Panther,
Chief Little End & Darrel Hall
Jerry Stubbs vs. Lou Fabiano

November 89
CWF Heavyweight Title Match
Dennis Condrey vs. Johnny Gilbert
Dixie Dynamite & Southern Boys vs.
The Eliminators & The Mercenary
Adrian Street vs. The Beast
Southern Boys vs. Mad Max & The Panther
Brickhouse Brown vs. The Gladiator
Robert Fuller asks Brickhouse Brown
to join his Stud Stable.
Robert Fuller, Brian Lee
& Cactus Jack Manson vs. Jerry Stubbs,
Chief Little End & Dean Ho
The Stud Stable celebrates
Downtown Bruno’s birthday.
As a present, Fuller transfers
Brickhouse Brown’s
contract over to Downtown Bruno
CWF Heavyweight Title Match
Dennis Condrey vs. Brad Armstrong
Dixie Dynamite vs. The Superstar
Tag Team Title Match
Robert Fuller & Brian Lee vs.
Bob Steele & Chief Little End
Adrian Street vs. Mad Max
Dennis Condrey vs. Burrhead Jones

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