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WXO TV - 01/16/00 - Debut Show DVD

WXO TV - 01/16/00 - Debut Show DVD
Chances are, you heard of WXO Wrestling in passing but never saw it. Those that did insist that you missed something. But, if you ever asked them if they taped it or had any way of showing you what you missed, they'd say no. At least, that was my experience. So, after finally being told about it one too many times, I did some research and some digging. Here is what I've come up with.

WXO was a wrestling promotion that ran in very early 2000. Mixing legends like Ted DiBiase (as the CFO), Barry Darsow, Fred Ottman (Tugboat, Typhoon, Shockmaster), Dan "The Beast" Severn, Tommy Rogers, "Mean" Mike Enos, and others with young talent on the way up like Zandig... You got a strange mix of talent that seemed to be a good recipe for success. And, it was... If your definition of success is getting a syndication deal based on 3 episodes and then having the filming of those episodes never actually happen.

What we have here is the January 16th broadcast of the show. It ran a total of 3 episodes. This episode is one hour in length and IS the debut show of the promotion. Again, 1 of 3. If this sells and more people want the rest, I'll do my darndest to uncover the other 2. But, for now, after a somewhat extensive search, this is all I can come up with.

Announcers: Chris Cruise (WCW, TCW, AWE) and "Sweet" Stan Lane (Need I say more? By the way, doesn't Lane sound a whole lot like Phil Sims? Just saying.)

Here is the card.

- "Fantastic" Tommy Rogers & "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce versus Erik Watts & Zandig
- "Maniac" Manny Fernandez versus Shawn Hill
- Ted DiBiase interviews Dan "The Beast" Severn
- In ring mess between Al Greene, Blacktop Bully, Barry Horowitz, and more.
- "Blacktop Bully" Barry Darsow versus Scott Nash
- "Mean" Mike Enos attacks Darsow.
- Barry Darsow does a commercial for Don't tell William Shatner, OK?
- "Heartbreakers" Apollo and Adonnis w/ Gia versus The Bodies

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