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MASADA vs Jun Kasai DeathMatch Wars 2006-2013 FEUD DVD

MASADA vs Jun Kasai DeathMatch Wars 2006-2013 FEUD DVD
MASADA vs Jun Kasai DeathMatch Wars 2006-2013 FEUD
This is a collection of matches featuring 2 of the greatest deathmatch
wrestlers in the world, Texas's own "Ultraviolent Beast" MASADA and Japan's
"Crazy Monkey", Jun Kasai.This, sometimes hard to watch collection of 15
bloodbaths showcase these 2 at their bloody best. Beating the holy hell out of each other, as well as joining forces to inflict serious pain on some rather unlucky opponents.
1. BJW - 3-Team Ring of Fire Death Match: 12/24/2006 T.Sasaki/Abby Jr./Winger vs. Teioh/Kasai/Numazawa vs. Mad Man Pondo/Shadow WX/MASADA-0:30:57
2. BJW - 8-Man Tag Team Death Match: 1/2/2007 MASADA/WX/Kobayashi/Sasaki vs. Kasai/Numazawa/Teioh/Miyamoto-0:26:22
3. BJW - 6-Man Tag Team Hardcore Match: 6/26/2007 MASADA/Kasai/Numazawa vs. Kanemura/Kuroda/Imai-0:21:19
4. BJW - Tag Team Death Match: 7/22/2007 MASADA/Kasai vs. Yuko Miyamoto/Naoki Tanisaki-0:28:39
5. BJW - "Samurai TV" Hardcore Tag Team Match: 12/18/2008 MASADA/Kasai/Jaki Numazawa vs. Ryuji Ito/Takashi Sasaki/Shuji Ishikawa-0:08:21
6. Apache Pro - "Nutsville Xmas" Razor Cross Death Match: 12/25/2008 Kasai vs. MASADA-0:23:06
7. BJW - Tag Team Death Match (Lighttubes,Red Bricks): 1/22/2009 MASADA/Kasai vs. Yuko Miyamoto/Takashi Sasaki-0:28:11
8. BJW - 3-Team Fans Bring the Weapons Match: 4/12/2009 MASADA/Ito vs. Kasai/Numazawa vs. Takeda/Hoshino-0:21:26
9. BJW - Hardcore Tag Team Match: 12/13/2009
MASADA/Kankuro Hoshino vs. Kasai/Jaki Numazawa
10. FREEDOMS - "Pain Limit '10" Round 1 (Ring of Light Tubes): 9/8/2010
MASADA vs. Jun Kasai
11. FREEDOMS - "Pain Limit '11" Round 2 (Glass Panes): 8/24/2011
MASADA vs. Jun Kasai
12. FREEDOMS - 6-Man Tag Team Match: 10/27/2011 MASADA/Kasai/Takashi Sasaki vs. Takao Omori/Brahman Shu/Kei-0:15:37
13. FREEDOMS - "Pain Limit '12" Finals (No Mat, Gusset Plates, Glass Panes) 8/27/2012 MASADA vs. Jun Kasai-0:26:38
14. BJW - "World War 2013" 6-Man Tag Team Warfare (Lighttubes, Barbed Wire Boards): 1/2/2013 MASADA/Kasai/Takeda vs. Drake Younger/Danny Havoc/Numazawa-0:17:49
15. CZW - "LIVE @ Wrestlecon" Gusset Plates, Glass Panes, Barbed Wire Death Match: 4/5/2013 MASADA vs. Jun Kasai-0:21:08

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