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When wrestling was at its "Attitude Era' peak, the media's hunt to both latch on and figure out the attraction to wrestling was at an all time high. This was a very well done, though not highly talked about, documentary on pro wrestling discussing its new fame in 1999, the key players, and its impact on society. It also goes into great detail on how crass wrestling has become including sexual phrases on youth sized T shirts and violence.

Steroid abuse is also discussed including "Hollywood" Hogan saying he knew for sure guys still used them. Eric Bischoff even says that several stars were suspended for steroid use. A very lax sounding policy by both the WWE and WCW on drugs is discussed. Obviously, that has somewhat changed.

Wrestling deaths are discussed including Brian Pillman, with his widow on as an interviewee, and "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert to name a few. THey claim Gilbert was cocaine related. I had never heard that.

Plus, exclusive interviews with Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho (still in WCW), Kevin Nash, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Goldberg, and more.

If you go into this knowing what it is, a documentary on the wrestling scene of 1999 by those who don't fully get wrestling, you'll enjoy it. Some things are interesting. Others? Well, they might piss you off. But, it still is worth watching.

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