Best of Portland Wrestling from the 1970's - Volume 6 DVD


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After 5 amazing editions, we usher in our 6th and what a whopper of a DVD this is! Roddy Piper is back and we even get to see stars such as Rick Martel and Gino Hernandez. Amazing!

Interview...Playboy Buddy Rose in a cage prior to a cage match with Roddy Piper 12/21/79
Interview...Rowdy Roddy Piper wearing a Santa hat & breaks a full bottle of beer on his head!!! (all Piper interviews on this video are legendary Piper stuff!!!) 12/21/79
Match......Rose & Sheepherders vs Rick Martell, Stan Stasiak & Yaki Joe 12/21/79 (first fall & a half...complete match is on tape #10)
Match......Rose vs Killer Tim Brooks in a dog collar match 6/2/79 (post match interviews are on Tape #12)
Match......Rose vs Jay Youngblood....Rose & Ed Wiskowski "break" Youngblood's arm. Lonnie Mayne & Rick Youngblood makes the save. 9/24/77
Interview...Lonnie Mayne...Yes, he does say, "There's excitement in the air!!!" I have NEVER seen any footage of Mayne's days in Portland. Just seeing the Moondog in crow's nest was worth the price of getting these tapes repaired!!! The fans have given Lonnie a birthday cake. It's very sad to know that this would be Lonnie's final birthday as he was killed the following August. 9/24/77
Match......Gino Hernandez vs Hansome John Anson...joined in progress. 10/1/77
Interview...Rose & Wiskowski 10/1/77
Interview...Piper 5/5/79
Interview...Rose 5/5/79 Match......Rose & Johnny Mantell vs Ron Starr & Adrian Adonis 5/5/79 (start & end of match only)
Interview...Piper 5/12/79
Match......Rose & Piper 5/12/79 Interview...Rose 5/12/79
Match......Piper vs Rose in a lumberjack match. Killer Brooks returns from an injury to make the save. 5/19/79

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